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Selecting the proper polymer material for your application is a critical aspect of the product design process.

It’s important to determine the operating temperatures of your current application and your polymer needs. The polymer you select should be able to withstand the temperature and the operating conditions. It should also have the capacity to withstand the maximum temperature that is desired by your application. The polymer should not be affected by the excessive heat or cold temperatures and it should not affect the functioning of your equipment.

One advantage of polymers is that they are not expensive and and help in cutting down the cost of your entire equipment considerably. The wear and tear in polymers is lower and hence there is no added cost for the repair and maintenance of the same.

A few important types of polymers are as under:

Silicon is a widely used material in the industry for a wide variety of reasons. There are a few important properties of the material worth considering:

Silicon has high Resistance to temperature with an approximate range of -150°F to +500°F
Resistance to UV
Resistance to Ozone
Resistance to Mechanical Fatigue
Resilience with regards to mechanical fatigue
High resistance to compression
Despite silicon being little expensive over other polymers, it is highly desirable as it is temperature resistant. The manufacturer can be rest assured that the material will last longer and be resistant to extreme temperatures.

Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
SBR is rigid and durable and also comes at comparatively lower cost. Places where the application is huge and needs something in the cost effective manner, SBR is the right polymer to be considered. A few important properties of SBR are as under:

Temperature Resistance ranges between -65°F and +180°F
Resistance to abrasion
Solid adhesive to metals
Resistance to Impact

Though SBR comes at a lower cost, it’s chemical composition and resistance is poor. It depends on the choice of the engineer as to which polymer to consider for the application in the project.

Fluorosilicone is the most expensive of all the polymers considered in the industry. While it is not resistant to high temperatures, it shows great resistance to fuel. Its properties include:

Temperature resistance from -85°F up to +350°F
Resistance to fuel, oil and solvents
High compression and resilience
Can be exposed to air, ozone, sunlight, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons

There are several other polymers available for usage in the industry and you need to select the material that best suits your needs. You need to select the material based on temperature resistance required by the application. You need to understand the application of your project and requirements well in advance before selecting the material for your project application.

In case if you need help in the selection of the right polymer for your project, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you on the same.