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From cost reduction to increased durability plastic components can be superior alternative to metals.

Polymer components make a very great alternative to metals due to their higher strength and durability. Machined polymers and composites can be deployed at various places in the industries. Herewith are a few benefits of Machined Polymers you can consider: 

Machined polymers are the most cost-effective solution when compared to metal

Machined polymers and plastic parts are less expensive as compared to metal alternatives. They can be produced faster, recycled faster and also incur low cost of manufacturing. They also have lower frictional properties as compared to moving metal parts, which also means less wear and tear, less noise and higher longevity.

Machined polymers allow for radiolucency, unlike metallic parts

Radiolucency is the quality of permitting the passage of radiant energy, such as x-rays, while still offering some resistance to it. This is important in manufacturing units as well as in operating rooms wherein it provides unobstructed view under under fluoroscopy.

Plastics have higher resistance to chemicals as compared to metal

Metals are easily affected when exposed to chemicals and corrosion due to moisture. Polymer and composite materials such as PEEK, Kynar, Teflon, and polyethylene are impervious to some of the harshest chemicals. They are also resistant to high temperatures in the industry. Some polymer materials available for machining can withstand temperatures over 700 degrees F (370 degrees C)

Plastic composites are light in weight
Instead of using metal, plastic components meet ergonomic weight limits for various items in the industry. Also, it’s easy to handle and transport them with ease.  

Unlike metals, Polymer parts do not require post-treatment finishing efforts
Polymers and composites are both insulators which means they are thermally and electrically insulating. Metallic components however require special processing and coating to enhance their insulating properties. These processes add to the cost of manufacturing. Secondly plastic materials can be compounded with various colours and avoid the requirement of external painting. 

Sterility is much easier to achieve in plastics, compared to metals
It is easier to wash and clean plastic as compared to metal equipments. Cleanliness is vital when it comes to equipment. Compared to metal, polymer and composite materials are much easier to clean and sterilize.
As has been explained with these above statements, plastics and polymers have a several unique attributes that places them above metals in terms of utility, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

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