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Veechem Global is specialized in marketing and distributing a variety of high-quality commodities as well as specialized plastics.

VeeChem Global is a distribution pioneer in Dubai, that caters to world-class polymer manufacturers, that speak volumes of the company’s quality standards and R&D support. Having the ability to deliver quality products at genuine prices, Industrial polymers – VeeChem Global prefer the shortest delivery times in the industry as it greatly benefits customers.

We aim to become the best supplier and an outstanding member of the community. In addition to this, we commit to clean air, as well as efficient waste management, which is appreciated in the industry. We, one of the best Dubai polymer industrial company continue to look to the future while adding new value in both delivery and product in streamlining the company’s processes. We further ensure that our customers get the best of value.

You can trust us for delivering high-quality, value-added industrial polymers as per your requirements.

Being the top-notch polymer supplier and distributor in UAE, Djibouti, and other key ports in Asia and Africa, our well-built infrastructure gives us an edge as we can efficiently manufacture bulk orders and deliver a range as per customer specifications. We constantly emphasize enhancing our quality and gratifying our clients. And to ensure high-quality, our expert team carefully tests everything while verifying the dimensional stability and resistance to abrasion of the products.

Ample area allows us to become a diverse polymer supplier as we can cater to all the integrated processes under a single roof. We ensure high performance and quality management throughout the production process.


  • HDPE – High Density Polyethylene – Film extrusion, blow and injection molding
  • LLDPE – Linear Low-Density Polyethylene – Film extrusion, injection and roto molding
  • mLLDPE – metallocene Linear Low-Density Polyethylene – Film extrusion
  • MDPE – Medium Density Polyethylene – Film extrusion and roto molding
  • LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene – Film extrusion and injection grade
  • PE 100 – Polyethylene 100 – Pipe-black and natural
  • PE 80 – Polyethylene 80 – Pipe-black and natural


  • GPPS – General Purpose Polystyrene – Extrusion and injection molding
  • HIPS – High Impact Polystyrene – Extrusion and injection molding
  • EPS – Expanded Polystyrene – Foam and Sheets


  • Homopolymer – Film (TQ/BOPP), sheet, raffia, fiber and injection
  • Random Copolymer – Extrusion and injection molding
  • Impact Copolymer – Injection molding

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