VeeChem Global


VeeChem is a reputed global brand in import, export, stocking and distribution of industrial raw materials, polymers of different types ,as well as raw materials for packaging industries.


Veechem serves in various locations locations in Ethiopia like Djibouti and Addis Ababa, and many Middle Eastern countries.

We have impressive storage infrastructure of 700+ square meters with road connectivity, forklifts, shrink-wrap and pallet-packing machinery and trucks. The Company has also opened up an office and warehouse in the Djibouti Dry Port Free Zone, which helps further expand their reach as well as enhance their capabilities.


At VeeChem, we believe no two customers are same, thus as a global leader in industrial polymer raw materials, we cater the needs of our clients with a customer-first approach and tailor-made raw materials.

In the Ethiopian market, we are one of the top polymer suppliers and distributors. Our well-built infrastructure with the latest technology and equipment gives us expertise in catering to all the demands of industrial polymer market. We can handle all the bulk orders effortlessly and deliver as per customer specifications.


VeeChem is a leading raw plastic material distributor particularly for industrial polymers. We are renowned for our substantial research and development with manufacturers and new entrants of the latest polymer products.


In the Ethiopian market. our endeavour is to deliver products and services of excellent quality on time,  we are putting forward sustainable solutions in the region. We are determined to contribute to the demands of the market by keeping a balance with environment. We focus on fulfilling our customer expectations globally.